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Improve Your Prospects with a Resume + LinkedIn Profile + Cover Letter Review Session

Are you 100% confident that your resume is as strong as it could be? I’ve reviewed hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes over the years. I’ve developed a strong sense of what hiring managers look for in resumes, and a strong sense of the mistakes you don’t want to make.

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Career Articles & Advice

29 Jan

How to Land a Job Leveraging LinkedIn

Tami Palmer, a talented career advisor and the owner of Greyzone, wrote a post recently that his on some important points to remember during a job search.  Or, quite frankly,…

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Luke’s Circle is the natural industry recruiter’s power tool!

~VP of HR at a Natural Products Company

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Resume Review + Job Search Strategy

Resume + LinkedIn Profile + Cover Letter Review + Job Search Strategy

Your resume is the first, and possibly only, impression employers will have of you when you apply. That means that if it’s not in top-notch shape before you apply, you might miss your one chance at getting that job you really want.  Get professional advice on your resume or on your job search strategy.

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Career Articles & Advice

Career Articles & Advice

Read insights on career and professional topics spoken from the heart of Luke’s experience and cleverly written.

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